Delivery methods

When finalizing your order, you will be offered several options for the delivery of your order:

Pick up in store

As soon as we confirm the availability of your item by email, you can come and collect it in our Pulp's stores in Paris. Without specific indication from you, the toys will be made available at Pulp's Toys, located at 6 rue Dante, 75005 Paris. The comics and artbooks will be available at Pulp's Comics located at 9 rue Dante, 75005 Paris. Franco-Belgian comics will be made available at Pulp’s BD, located at 3 rue Dante, 75005 PARIS.

The in-store pick-up option at Pulp’s Bordeaux is also available, but the period of availability will be longer than for Parisian stores, with shipments of products to Pulp’s Bordeaux taking place only once a week.


When validating your cart, you can choose to send it to your home or to the address indicated. The shipping costs for the majority of our products are calculated according to the amount of your basket and based on the following scale for deliveries in France:

  • Up to 89€: 5.95€ shipping costs (shipping costs include packaging, postage and handling)
  • Over 89€: 0.01€ for an order of books. Free for a toys order

Some items are not affected by this scale and may add additional shipping costs due to their weight or size. This concerns, for example, protections for comics such as backer boards or storage boxes.

The words Due to the weight / size of this product, additional shipping fees will be added to the order is indicated on the product sheet of all the articles concerned.

International delivery

International deliveries are possible but shipping costs will be calculated according to a different scale depending on the country of destination.

Reminder: Terms and Conditions - Article 15 - Delivery

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product as compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken product ...) must be indicated by the buyer on the delivery form, as handwritten reserves, accompanied by his or her signature. The buyer will open any defective or damaged package in the presence of the carrier and have the latter bring back the damaged merchandise. The buyer will also confirm this anomaly by sending a letter by registered post with proof of receipt to the carrier, within 24 hours of receiving the order, stating the said claims, and sending a copy of those to ALCA within the same time frame and conditions. If the buyer fails to comply with these requirements and if, by doing so, the seller loses any possibility of appeal against the carrier, the buyer alone will bear the consequences of the damage done to the products.

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